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David Meyers is a New Bedford, Massachusetts based artist and jack of all trades. The breadth of his expertise and creative interests is as impressive as the work he creates. His approach to art-making, whether he is using oils, acrylics, woodworking, welding or creating video installations, is unafraid and uninhibited. He believes that if an idea is worth pursuing, it should be pursued without hesitation.  

What is most striking about his work is how reflective it is of his personality. Much like himself, his work is witty, spontaneous, satirical and unpredictable. These qualities can often be hard to incorporate effectively into one’s art. His advantage, however, is that these qualities emerge rather than coming into being through rigid calculation. His perfect balance of spontaneity (without being erratic) and satire (without being comical) is achieved because his work is so deeply authentic.

A deep authenticity and honestly with one's work is readable at the level of the artifact. Though I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for several years, one doesn’t need an introduction with him to know that the emotional place from where his work comes is as genuine and authentic as it gets. The creative community is strengthened and thrives when it consists of artists like Dave.

-Steve Sangapore, Dec 2020 (Excerpt from "Encounter: Introductions" at Fountain Street Gallery blog, edited 2022 for updates )

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